Have you “Herd”? CHS Organization Update


Matt Fahnestock

Wingin’ it!, one of many groups at CHS, held their 10th anniversary performance back in December.

CHS offers numerous organizations that allow students to pursue their interests and common goals.

Specifically, groups such as the National Honor Society, Model United Nations, Wingin’ it! and Oracle grant students opportunities to serve the school and their community in many different ways.

Senior and NHS Treasurer Mary Smith believes NHS lets CHS students “that show good character and academic integrity to come together and find ways to make the entire school better.”

Currently, NHS does not have a sponsored event at CHS.

However, senior and NHS Recording Secretary Lydia Estes said, “We’re going to plan a new event, hopefully that is NHS sponsored.” Estes explained the event is currently a surprise.

Also preparing for upcoming events, MUN “is now in full preparation mode for the National High School Conference in NYC to be held March 2-5, 2016,” said MUN advisor Kevin Wagner.

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This organization, where “students pretend they are delegates from various countries serving on UN committees,” described Wagner, are preparing through meetings with speakers, hosting special guests and doing research.

Wingin’ it!, a team of students that work to “provide entertainment to the campus,” as said by advisor Matt Fahnestock, recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary.

Their reunion “filled the Swartz Auditorium and brought back…40 former members to perform,” added Fahnestock. Wingin’ it! has three more shows planned for the duration of the school year. The next of which is scheduled for the first week of February.

Lastly, senior Samantha Hernando commented, Oracle is “editing and making pages for the academic section of the yearbook” and is responsible for publishing “a yearbook that contains the memories of Carlisle High School.”

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