Inspiring human connection through curiosity and comedy: ‘Good Mythical Morning’ (Review)


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WAY TO START THE DAY: Rhett and Link, two friends who quit their engineering jobs, invested full-time on making it big in entertainment. Now, about 16 years later, they have more than 17 million subscribers!

It’s pretty safe to say that if you’ve ever considered a quirky twist on a food classic or debated how much of something could do anything, it’s probably already been made into an episode of Good Mythical Morning. 

Good Mythical Morning was launched in early 2012 by best friends Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal. When they were teens, they made a blood oath that they would create things together. In 2006, they started their YouTube channel after leaving their engineering jobs to focus on pursuing entertainment full-time.

According to the pair, the name “Good Mythical Morning” comes from a childhood memory when they were made to stay inside for recess as punishment and given coloring books with mythical creatures, like unicorns.

Currently, they have 17.5 million subscribers with over 2,000 videos. Their videos are usually around 20 minutes long each (some shorter, some longer). They also have a podcast and make their own music. Also, they founded “Mythical” which is an internet first-entertainment studio.   

In 2019, McLaughlin and Neal earned a combined $18 million, which made them the 4th highest YouTubers in the world for that year, and in 2020 they earned $20 million. The most viewed video on their channel is “Amazing Game Show Cheaters” with 30 million views. 

A conversation about this episode sparked the idea for this review so we thought we'd share it with you!

They have had celebrities on their channel like actors Jack Black and Daniel Radcliffe and athletes like Kobe Bryant since their channel has gotten more attention over the years.

Their content revolves a lot around food, and they even have a spin-off called Mythical Kitchen. For example, in one video, they made the most disgusting food combinations for each other to eat to see who would tap out first. In another, they tried Doritos from different countries and had to guess where it was from with a twist. They also do game challenges and trivia like guessing what the most hated thing was in a state.

The pair like to be innovative and creative, like cooking steak with a toaster or bacon with a curling iron, covering themselves in magnets, having animals lick their faces for science, and covering Link’s face with 10,000 bees.

Some of their catchphrases are “As you can see, we can’t,” “Let’s talk about that,” and “We’re still good!” 

They also have a wheel that they call the “Wheel of Mythicality”; this is the spinning wheel that is used in almost every episode. It basically has a bunch of ideas to tell them how to end the video. Fans can send in an intro video for the wheel which is pretty cool. During the COVID-19 quarantine episodes, they had the “Coin of Mythicality” where they flipped a coin to see which one gets to do something, usually a dare.

McLaughlin and Neal mostly do comedy content, but they also talk about their own lives and current events and give their take on it. This is awesome for those who would like to watch something that’s funny while getting opinions on where to eat and learning about real-world things.

Good Mythical Morning releases new episodes Monday-Friday on their YouTube channel.