The Happy Chen restaurant serves happy customers (Review)


The Happy Chen restaurant is fairly new in the Carlisle area and is located at 1161 Harrisburg Pike Carlisle, PA 17013.

The restaurant has plenty of choices ranging from chicken to Lo Mein to beef along with many other selections. They have over 100 choices on the menu including a special diet section.  

Happy Chen offers a cheaper lunch price between 11am and 3pm; however the price increase for dinner is hardly noticeable due to the amount of food piled onto one plate (we had to get to go boxes).

The service from the small, family staff was outstandingly friendly and efficient. Along with the fantastic service, the food was absolutely delicious and noticeably fresh.

I had the orange chicken with a side of rice, for only $9.75, the chicken and rice were prepared excellently. I also tried Happy Chen’s sweet and sour chicken prepared with vegetables and dipping sauce on the side. That was absolutely amazing.

Although outside the windows of this small, family owned restaurant was the bustling of trucks exiting the Turnpike ramp, the restaurant itself had a quiet and peaceful dining area.

The Happy Chen restaurant is the perfect choice for any Chinese food lover or just a simple, inexpensive dinner date.