Nature strikes back in “The Forest” (Review)


Courtesy of official movie website

“The Forest” shows the dangers of hiking by yourself

The scariest kinds of movies are the ones that are based on real-life incidents or have some truth to them, as this intensifies the fears and dangers of the events of the movie possibly happening to you.  This is the case with the new movie, The Forest.

Starring Natalie Dormer and Taylor Kinney and directed by Jason Zada, The Forest tells the story of Sara Price (played by Dormer) looking for her twin sister Jess Price (also played by Dormer) who has gone missing in the Aokigahara forest, a forest in Japan that is notoriously famous for being the location of frequent suicides.

Desperate and determined, Sara travels to Japan and hikes into the forest to locate her missing sibling.

However as Sara spends more time in the forest, she starts to notice that there is something evil and demonic about the forest and now must work to survive and save both her sister and herself.

The Forest is a frightening if a not a little bit predictable film that heavily draws upon the myths and legends of Japanese culture that surrounds the Aokigahara forest. The film has numerous jump scares and makes the audience question if the Sara is really seeing and encountering these demonic figures or if it is all in her head.

The ending of The Forest is one that will leave the audience shocked and stunned for sure with an incredible plot twist the no one will see coming.

While this movie may not necessarily differentiate between other horror films, it is still worth the watch, if nothing else for the unexpected ending.