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Discover free titles with Readmill’s easy to use catalog.

Considering the current trend towards tablets and ebooks, it’s no surprise that e-reading apps like Readmill are popping up for smartphone users as well.

Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have apps for their Kindle and Nook systems, and most smartphones have an e-reader built in to their operating systems.  The issue with those, however, is that users have to pay for all of the content.

Readmill ($Free, iOS & Android) is out to change that, offering a handpicked selection of worthwhile reads for free every month.  Thousands of other titles are also searchable in the app’s catalog, leaving you with years of free entertainment.  Aside from the free selection, users can also purchase e-books from nearly any online source and upload them into their Readmill library.

The app fully integrates with Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, allowing you to highlight text and share your favorite quotes online.  Highlights and analysis from other Readmill users shows up as you read, although they can be hidden if you prefer to read by yourself.  To ease in multi-device use, Readmill syncs your library, highlights and bookmarks, allowing you to pick up right where you left off on any device.

Compared to other e-reading apps, Readmill is certainly one of the most well designed.  The interface is clean and very easy to use, featuring a nighttime reading mode and gesture controls for brightness.  The app keeps track of various reading stats, including the time spent on a particular book and an estimated time remaining.  After finishing a book you can write a review, and reviews left by Readmill users on other books can help you decide which one to dive into next.

While many readers continue to favor hard copies over e-books, Readmill’s free selection and easy social integration is certainly giving traditional paper a run for its money.