The student news site of Carlisle High School


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The student news site of Carlisle High School


The student news site of Carlisle High School


Creative Cloud features an easy to use interface that automatically updates all apps.  It works on both Mac and PC.

Creative Cloud brings ideas down to Earth (Review)

Zach Brehm, Web Director April 21, 2014

When it comes to digital art, photography, web design and other computer-based creative activities, Adobe products clearly stand above the competition. Seemingly endless features and abilities have...

Discover free titles with Readmills easy to use catalog.

Read more with Readmill

Zach Brehm, Web Director December 13, 2013

Considering the current trend towards tablets and ebooks, it’s no surprise that e-reading apps like Readmill are popping up for smartphone users as well. Amazon and Barnes & Noble both have apps...

For the first time in years, more candidates are running for election than there are spaces on the school board.

Candidates must compete for school board

Janie Haseman, News Editor November 2, 2013

Do you know what the school board is or what they do? Although the board makes many decisions affecting them, most CHS students have no clue what the function of our school board is. “I really...

Use your CASD login information to log on to the CASD Web Portal.

CASD Web Portal helps CHS students and teachers access files from home

Chenta Shirley, News writer November 2, 2013

CHS has undergone many changes this year. One change that has been introduced this year is the CASD Web Portal, also known as Files from Home.The CASD Web Portal, according to technology resource teacher...

Censorship affects all Internet users (Editorial)

SarahBeth Davis, Perspectives writer October 7, 2013

Whether it’s a blocked website at school, or a proposition like the Protection of Intellectual Property Act, censorship affects most Internet users. Many Carlisle students have seen the webpage telling...

This year, ninth graders were issued new laptops for school and educational use.

School policy changes use of technology

Chenta Shirley, News writer September 27, 2013

This summer, the students of Carlisle High School were in for a shock. In the years prior to the 2013-2014 school year, students of CHS were asked not to bring electronic devices or keep them turned...

Clears straightforward design makes it easy to stay on top of to-do lists.

Apply yourself: Apps for the productive student (Review)

Zach Brehm, Web Director September 26, 2013

It is hard to believe that today’s iPhones have nearly 100 times the computing power of the average satellite. In fact, satellites designed to run on little more than a smartphone processor are currently...

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