Herd in the Halls: Which school schedule do you prefer between traditional, online, or hybrid? 

Heidi Heinlein, Perspectives Editor

We asked students at CHS to share their thoughts on the different options (tiers) for school this year:

“I prefer the in-person schedule because it’s what I’m used to and it allows me to see people I might not see otherwise. Being in school allows me to get into the learning, homework, lecturing mindset.” – Olivia Daniels, Freshman

“I prefer traditional schooling for most of my classes because I’m a hands-on learner, but hybrid works really well for some subjects! For example, I love that for my math class I can always go back and reference everything we’ve learned. One downside is that for science classes, we can’t do any labs, but overall, hybrid has been beneficial for me.” – Maya Reichenbach, Sophomore

“I like traditional school better! I am very unmotivated to do my online work, so it is hard when I have three days that I am expected to do a full course load every week. Also, I procrastinate with my online days which makes school miserable. I miss being able to see my teachers in the hybrid schedule and build relationships with them. I like regular school because I can learn best when I have in-person instruction and ask as many questions as I need to.” – Cheney Thompson, Junior

“I prefer to do the all-online method of schooling. Personally, I feel that I can do my work faster and I like the idea of working at my own pace. It is also nice because I can start working at a later time or maneuver when I do the work around my busy schedule. I do not like the idea of hybrid because at this point, I do not see the purpose of going to school just to learn the same material that we have done online. When we are using the traditional method, I feel that there is a lot of busywork involved as well as side conversations that take away from time to work on assignments.” -Kayla Unger, Senior