Never too early to get in the holiday spirit (Editorial)

Carol Etzel, Magazine Editor-in-Chief

In spite of recent events and rising tensions, people in America are clinging to the promise of bright Christmas lights and the happiness of the holidays.

Anyone caught singing along to the familiar sounds of carols before the month of December is often teased. Many people will argue that it isn’t even Thanksgiving yet, and that holiday music is only for December.

These people do not understand the true reasoning behind their holiday spirit.

Every year, the holiday season comes and goes too quickly. Schedules are packed with the chaos of holiday shopping, school, weather, and family obligations.

The beauty of the season is often forgotten because everyone is under high amounts of holiday stress. This year, tensions are reaching a nearly unheard of height due to this year’s Presidential election.

Regardless of your political views, most people would agree the world needs a lot more love, now more than ever. Whether you use the music as an escape from reality or a coping mechanism, holiday music is helping the world be reminded of the kindness hidden behind the horrors of the world.

We are reminded of our childhoods, when innocence and hope fueled our imagination. It is that nostalgic feeling that brings me back to a time when I was only worried about what Santa would bring me for Christmas.

Now, years later, I’ve grown up. I learned that the world isn’t always as kind and forgiving as I once believed.

However, when I hear Christmas songs it takes me back to that feeling of peace and happiness. Those feelings were increasingly rare as my life became more complicated.

It is never too early to listen to Christmas music, because it is never too early to feel like a kid again.

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