Packing up: the struggle to say goodbye

The boxes are packed, the furniture's loaded--the annual process of War College families moving in and out of the Carlisle area will soon be upon us.  But how does it feel to be the one staying behind and saying goodbye?

Emma Santillo, Staff Writer

March 11, 2020

As soldiers from the Army War College begin to get their orders, kids of the soldiers, commonly called military brats, are already preparing to deal with losing their friends and having to make new ones, while the kids of civilians prepare to say their goodbyes to their war college friends. Many mi...

Moving overseas: students share their concerns before leaving the U.S.

A street like this one in Monschau, Germany can really demonstrate just how different life can look when living overseas.

Lauren Pantleo, Perspectives

March 29, 2015

Many families, especially those in the military, move year to year; however the move is typically stateside. In fact, according to The Future, “[Only] 5 percent [of the active forces] were stationed overseas.” As many people know, living overseas is completely different than living...

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