Counseling for victims leads to action taken

Samantha Martin, News Editor

February 19, 2019

While education hopes to prevent sexual assault from occurring, as well as help people better understand the victims of sexual assault, in-school counseling is available to help students who were victims of sexual assault. Emily McDonald, a counselor in the McGowan building, explained how she typic...

Education leads to better understanding

Samantha Martin, News Editor

February 19, 2019

According to Carlisle Health II teacher Jason Moyer, sexual assault prevention/education has always been an important part of the class’ curriculum. Moyer said that he teaches students about what consent is, how to prevent the creation of toxic relationships, and about the damage sexual assault can d...

CHS’s Mock Crash puts a spin on safe driving education

Bad decisions can lead to unexpected consequences.

Hannah Westbrook, Media Manager

May 20, 2016

On May 12, Carlisle High School put on a mock crash to faculty and students to show the consequences of reckless driving and poor choices.  

Student voices make an impact on education (Editorial)

Students are often scared to say what they think

Lauren Pantleo, Perspectives

March 6, 2015

For many years, teenagers feel like their voices aren’t respected, in school especially. Students feel like others will judge them if they answer the question incorrectly, or if they answer at all. Once a student is embarrassed by another, they are most likely not to speak up again. According to...

We deserve more options at CHS (Editorial)

Course selection time only offers some students the opportunities they seek.

Amanda Corrao, Perspectives writer

February 25, 2014

Whenever it comes to course selection time, we may never realize how many elective classes we should have that aren’t there. Many of us choose the one that will get us an easy grade. For this reason, I feel we should have more choices to pick for our electives. For example, I think we should have...

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