These five pies will help you break up the ordinary pies you have for the holidays. Each pie is unique and can bring a new taste to your holiday meal.

New desserts on the table: unique pies found in Carlisle

Emma Santillo, Staff writer November 26, 2019

Pie has been a Thanksgiving essential since even before it was a nationally recognized holiday, thanks to Sarah Josepha Hale, a 19th century woman who promoted making Thanksgiving a national holiday...

Extra candy corn leftover from Halloween? Try making these fun treats.

Spooky Treats: Turn your candy into these confections

Abigail Lindsay , Editor in Chief November 4, 2019

While trick or treat might be over, there's no reason that you can't enjoy these homemade Halloween treats! Below are some simple, yet spooky, Halloween recipes that you have to try. Might even help with...

This well-loved dessert is causing controversy. Is it a cake, pie or tart?

Cheesecake: Cake, pie or tart? (Editorial)

Reese Daugherty, Perspectives Writer March 28, 2018

One of the most profound debates throughout history lies in the world of desserts. Specifically, a cream cheese and graham cracker crusted delicacy. For centuries, people have argued about the terminology...

These peppermint pretzels brings a salty taste to the sweetness of peppermint and chocolate.

Minty Fresh: Peppermint recipes to get you through the holidays

Brooklyn Norrell, Student Life Editor December 16, 2015

This holiday season, families are baking and preparing for gatherings family and friends.  Well, baking doesn't have to be sweet.  So here are a few minty fresh recipes to allow for a mixture of...

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