Senior Summer Bucket List



When polled, the class of 2023 provided their summer plans to the Periscope staff.

Myana Brown, Staff Writer

As summer rolls around, every student is looking for things to fill the long days, but seniors in particular are trying to make the most of their last summer before life gets real. These are the most popular replies from seniors when asked about the activities that fill their summer bucket lists:

Baker Sebastian is planning to go on a picnic this summer and they said “[they’d] like to get a group together of [their] closest friends, dress up really nice, and find a spot where [they] could watch the sunset or sunrise.”

Matthew Balas is going to go backpacking in Europe for two weeks and he is “most excited to try new foods and see new things.”

Colby Williams is excited to go see Aladdin on Broadway this summer, although it is not his first Broadway show, it is a show he hasn’t seen before. 

Ashley Richwine is going to see Taylor swift, Zach Brown Band, and possibly Drake this summer. She is “most excited to see Swift because of all the things [she has] seen online and the production just looks amazing.”