The Stars of CHS’s Hollywood Homecoming Perform at Wingin’ It!



Andrew Diehl and Colin Ingraham playing “The Clapper.”

Summer Miller, Staff Writer

“Ew, no,” is generally the resounding reaction to attending a high school improv troupe’s comedy show. Skepticism is natural, of course, but Wingin’ It!’s show on Monday, October 17th, at 7pm, in the Swartz cafeteria is a must see. If the promise of watching classmates embarrass themselves on stage is not enough, there will also be wings at the show catered by Three Pines Tavern. 

The spontaneity of the show is what makes it such a hilarious experience. Wingin’ It!’s founder and leader, Mr. Fahnestock explains, “improv is the art of thinking on your feet. The scenes that we perform are made up totally on the spot and it involves just trusting what comes out of your mouth. Usually, what you blurt out tends to be funnier than what you might prepare.”

Wingin’ It! performers must commit to what is said in improv as if it is a fact, even if in the real world it is not. For instance if a wingman opens with, “Giraffes are purple,” then the other troupe member’s job is to validate that idea by replying with, “Yes, giraffes are purple and they are always eating grapes” or a line to that effect. Wingmen being put on the spot and blurting out illogical ideas is what makes their shows so appealing.

Voluntary audience participation is also a component of Wingin’ It!. Sometimes audience members will have the opportunity to pose the wingmen on stage or provide suggestions for their next scene. While participation is never required, being able to contribute to the show even allows the audience to add to a joke.  

Viewers of the show will enjoy the comedic stylings of  Charlie Carlton, who is a senior in the troupe. He has been in Wingin’ It! for all four years and is one of CHS’s class clowns, ready for a joke at all times. He talks about how Wingin’t It! has boosted his confidence by saying, “The power of being up on stage and being able to give others joy gives me an immense amount as well.” He also added that Wingin’ It! has been a “huge cornerstone” in his life. 

Another wingman of note is Steffon Urban. He auditioned for the troupe this year as a freshman, and said that he is “stoked” to be a part of the troupe, but is most looking forward to the wings the show will provide. 

High school students like Steffon, and professional comedians alike, get their comedic start in improv. Take John Mulaney, for example. He is an American stand-up comedian with several Netflix specials and he wrote for Saturday Night Live briefly in the early 2000s. But before he was famous, he did improv in college to hone his skills as a professional comedian.

So, put that initial skepticism aside and come to the Wingin’ It! show! It could be the last opportunity to see classmates perform before they’re famous! And even if they don’t make it big, at least there will be wings.