More than just a mask: Face coverings show off personal style (Photos)

FLOWER POWER: Senior Audrey Crocker coordinates her sunflower mask with her jacket. Many students find that picking out colorful, coordinating masks helps make the process of wearing them more bearable. For more mask photos, check out our Gallery.

During the coronavirus pandemic, masks have become part of the new normal. It is hard to deal with the idea of our way of living changing so fast. To help lighten the mood of our now seemingly dark society, people try to turn this situation into something cool and fun.

For some, it’s all about the style. For example, freshman Malayna McElvie has been seen wearing a pink flowery patterned mask.

“I like the design of the mask and that it is comfortable to wear at the beginning of the day,” McElvie said.

She believes the mask represents her because it is “colorful and fun.” 

There are also different styles of masks that students have been wearing. The most common that students are wearing are the ones with the elastic to go over the ears, but some wear ones that tie or a gaiter mask (covers the neck up to the nose.)

Cassidy Dillon, also a freshman, said, “I just like masks that are comfortable and sometimes try to match it with the rest of my outfit.”

Some students make it a priority that their mask matches their outfit.

According to a poll on our Instagram (@chsperiscope), about 47% of students said yes, they actually try to coordinate their mask with the rest of their outfit.  With this information, we can understand how some students may like to express themselves or present themselves to their peers.

Sometimes this all depends on where you buy your masks.

Sophomore Grace Pak said, “I have a bunch of masks from Old Navy where I get my clothes. This way, I can match my masks to my outfits which makes it a lot more fun.”

She also has a couple of seasonal masks to wear for the upcoming holidays. 

Although masks seem like a simple way to combat the Coronavirus, sometimes they can be uncomfortable. If you wear one for too long, the back of your ears may start to hurt or your face may start to itch. The worst problem of all is the dreadful “maskne,” or mask acne. However, it is super important to remember to wear a mask as it will help limit the spread of COVID-19.

Masks are mandatory in the building. If you forget to wear one to school, they can provide one. The masks that they have are limited in supply and won’t be as exciting to wear as one of your own with a nice design.

Wearing a mask may hide half of your face, which means you are unable to communicate certain emotions or expressions, but wearing one with a certain pattern really speaks out about your personality. 

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