Technology and studying: Which device reigns supreme?


Cameron Fritz

Phones are often chosen over other forms of technology as a superior tool for studying. Their versitility in function crowns them as king of technology at Carlisle High School.

Cameron Fritz, Publications Manager

It seems like every day something new is being invented and another device is being released to the public. For students who are taught something new every day, this constant stream of discovery should be exciting.

New ways to study and memorize will hopefully make learning easier and more efficient. One category of technology that achieved these goals is the technology we have accessible at our fingertips.

There is no doubt about the presence of technology at Carlisle, but do students understand the educational abilities of these devices?

A CHS Periscope survey set out to find which devices and apps students used most in their studies.

As far as devices are concerned, there was no surprise that the majority of students (62.8%) reported that their phones were most important to them. The convenience of cell phones make them the go-to device for students. Since phones now have the capabilities to stream music and complete computer oriented tasks, they often replace devices such as music players and computers for more simple tasks.

Personal computers were not too far behind (25.7%). This survey excluded school computers, meaning the 25% of students bring their own computers from home.

Taking a look at apps, the race was much closer. Students reported that Photomath, GroupMe, and PowerSchool were among their most used. The list of apps was slightly more diverse, including Calculator, Clock, and Reddit.

It is apparent that technology plays an important part at Carlisle High School, so much that students have taken their technology use beyond school distributed hardware.