Distributing the Yearbook: A look into the 2016 Oracle

It’s the end of the year again and everyone is cramming in their last minute assignments; between finals, papers, and projects, students are being stretched to their full capacity.

While tackling the pressures of regular classes, the members of the Oracle staff were rushing to complete the yearbook, distribute them, and finish the spring supplement that must also be distributed. In between submitting this year’s book and distributing it, returning staff members began planning next year’s book with an important meeting with their cover designer at the beginning of May.

Oracle works hard the entire year to put together the yearbook that will be seen by the student body, teachers, and parents alike.

Senior Katie Radle, Academics editor for the Oracle staff, believes “the yearbook staff is really looked over as an important element to this school. We as a staff have the extremely difficult task of taking everything that happens in the year and capturing it. Making the yearbook is something that people don’t think about, but a lot of effort and hard work go into capturing the year.”

The staff gathers photos and information to involve the different aspects of Carlisle High School from sports to academics to extracurricular activities; staff members can be seen at events throughout the year to help capture the memorable moments of high school.

Although the first sight of the yearbook was seen in the hands of Oracle staff members, over 75 students and faculty attended the distribution party on Thursday May 19 to receive their yearbook early, enjoy ice cream, get entered into raffles, and sign their friends’ yearbooks.

“I am really glad I went to the yearbook party,” said senior Trevor McMaster.  “It was an awesome beginning, my last hurrah as a senior.  I got to chill out, sign some yearbooks, and get mine signed!”

McMaster added, “And the ice cream was awesome!”

The announcement has been made for the past two weeks but today officially begins the chaos of mass distribution.

“Distribution is a nerve-wracking experience because it is impossible to create a perfect yearbook that will please everyone,” explained junior Design Editor Grace Winton.

Advisor Kate Muir states that “distributing the yearbook feels a little like sending a child out into the world. We’ve worked so hard this year and learned so much – hopefully everyone enjoys our baby!”

Oracle members collectively say thank you for purchasing your yearbook and they hope you like it as much as they do.