CHS students prepare for Black Friday

Black Friday is coming soon! After eating and getting together with the family on Thanksgiving, we run towards the deals and discounts on the internet and in stores.

People are known to do anything to get what they want while Black Friday shopping.

Freshman Leila Dedic said, “It is crazy to do. It’s insane knowing we just got done being thankful at the dinner table, and then a couple hours later we’re grabbing stuff out of people’s hands.”

The stores prepare for all the people who are going to participate in Black Friday shopping.

“If you go Black Friday shopping, be aware of the people, because it’s not like any other day when you walk into a store. I went one year, but I didn’t like it because it was too busy,” said sophomore Issiah Sheaffer.

Not just teenagers have had bad experiences; even parents are scared to be involved in Black Friday shopping.

Junior Chevy Ditzler said, “My parents think I’m going to get hurt if I go. They never wanted me to go, but this year I’m finally going to be able to join in on these crazy experiences during Black Friday.”

Everybody has their own story to tell, but according to students at CHS, it’s a wild ride. If you haven’t gotten to experience Black Friday shopping yet, maybe this is the year you can give it a try.