Fashion for all seasons: Seven tips to follow year-round


Bri Hendriksen

Having a variety of shoes is helpful when you are trying to complete your outfit for the day.

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Nowadays, making a fashion statement is something everyone tries to accomplish. However, sometimes people find themselves in a fashion dilemma.  Following these seven simple and helpful tips can benefit anyone willing and wanting to improve their style.

Tip #1: Complement your body figure. When getting dressed, you want to wear clothes that fit appropriately to your body type and compliment you. No one wants to wear clothes that are too tight or too baggy. Wear clothes that you can dress up or dress down and that you can tolerate wearing throughout the entire day.

Tip #2: Take risks. Don’t be afraid to go for looks that you have never tried before. Sometimes picking an outfit off the racks that you believe won’t look good on you may turn out to be an outfit you love. Try the wacky patterned dress you saw on the rack or that hairstyle you saw in the magazine. You only live once and taking a risk won’t hurt.

Tip #3: Wear the right colors. Try not to wear clothes in colors that will wash out your complexion. It is best to wear clothes that compliment your skin tone and don’t clash with your hair or makeup. You also want to try and stay away from wearing all one solid color.  This will prevent you from looking washed out and will compliment your body and over all appearance. (Want more advice on colors and patterns?  Read our article “Clash of the patterns: Three looks to avoid.”)

Tip#4: Define your personal style. Don’t be afraid of wearing the clothes that you want to wear. It is your body and you should feel comfortable enough to wear the style you see on your favorite celebrities, on your Tumblr timeline or what would feel most comfortable to you. It is up to what style you want to showcase and what appeals to your taste just as long as you rock it.

Tip #5: Build a solid wardrobe. Coming home with bags full of new clothes is one of the best feelings in the world. When you are able to go to school flaunting a new outfit that you just bought, it feels like you are destined to have a good day.  When possible, go to some of your favorite stores and purchase clothes that can fill your closet. Spring is near and new summer dresses and shirts are arriving in stores around the world.

Tip #6: Put together outfits appropriate for the occasion and the weather. As the seasons change, sometimes it is hard to adjust to the temperatures and the styles. During the winter, it is best to wear sweaters and boots while in the summer you can wear shorts, tanks and flip flops. Wearing a short-sleeved shirt is an option in the winter as well as long as you pair it with a cute jacket or a cardigan. The same goes for dresses and skirts in the winter and jeans in the summer. They are universal pieces of clothing for just about any season as long you know how to wear them.

Tip #7: You can never have too many pairs of shoes. With shoes such as Vans, Toms, Uggs, combat boots, flats, heels and Converse, no amount of shoes is ever too much. Purchasing shoes in a bunch of different colors that go with just about any kind of outfit is the best choice. It is best to give yourself options so that you can switch it up from day to day.

Taking into consideration these simple fashion tips, you can expand your style and help yourself feel more comfortable in your own body.

Do you have any fashion or beauty tips that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.