Spotlight Trends: Popular styles of 2014


Bri Hendriksen

Leggings in fun patterns can add flair to any outfit!

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Fashion trends come and go along with the seasons. With fashion constantly evolving, the clothes you wear now are probably not what you wore two years ago.

However, for the past few months, a few pieces of attire have been on the rise. Combat boots, scarves and jackets can be found in nearly every girl’s closet. These styles and more are affordable, comfortable, and convenient because they can be dressed up or dressed down.

Pants such as leggings and boho-joggers are a cute way to dress cute while staying comfortable. While some choose to dress down with a regular pair of leggings, others go for a look that stands out.

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Leggings in funky patterns and various colors have become a must have item for some people. Boho leggings (otherwise known as parachute pants) are also on the rise. The unique pants add flair to any outfit while you remain comfortable. The flowy pants that can be worn year-round can also be found in fun patterns.

Another piece of clothing that has been popular lately is fit and flair dresses. These dresses are tight at the waist and flair out at the hips creating a nice illusion to your body. You can pair the stylish dresses with fancy jewelry and a cute pair of heels when attending a party or other special event. You can also pair your dress with flats and a cute leather jacket (or other jacket of your choice) to create an outfit that is more dressed down.

Keep your neck warm while keeping your style hot with these long, wrap able scarves.
Keep your neck warm while keeping your style hot with these long, wrappable scarves.

A few helpful tips when wearing this year’s spotlight trends would be to make sure that you are wearing clothes that compliment your skin tone and that don’t wash you out. If you think that your outfit is a bit boring, tie in accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags that add a bit of color.

No matter what trends you choose to follow or leave behind, one must remember to take risks. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and try a new fashion trend, because a bit of courage can result in finding your new favorite outfit.