Crushed on time? Two quick and easy hairstyles for when you’re running late


Bri Hendriksen

This simple twisted half up, half down look gives you style without taking up your time.

Bri Hendriksen, Fashion editor

Sometimes running late is inevitable. Everyone has those days when you don’t hear your six a.m. alarm or you got out of practice later than you expected.

Whatever the situation might be, if you run out of time, you are stuck with the same hairstyle that has proved to come easiest to you.

Have no fear! With a few bobby pins and a little ounce of patience, you can recreate these two quick and easy hairstyles any time you are running a bit behind.

First, consider this twisted half up, half down look whenever you are in a rush.

1) Start off by grabbing the top section of your hair from both sides of your head.

2) Pull the hair to the center of the back of your head.

3) Use a regular or clear hair tie to hold your hair in place.

4) Slightly pull down the hair tie and split the hair above it into two small sections.

5) Flip the pony tail up and in-between the section you made and pull the hair through creating a twist.


Another quick and easy hairstyle that can be assembled quickly is this sophisticated take on a basic braided ponytail.

1) Start off by creating a side part on one side of your head.

2) Grab the front section of your newly created part and begin to French braid (A regular braid can also be used).

3) When you reach just below the ear, secure the braid with one or two bobby pins.

4) Finally, pull the rest of your hair up into pony tail.


These simple hairstyles that can be assembled within minutes can be worn with both curly and straight hair. Following these simple steps can help you create a fun look in a matter of minutes that goes with any outfit when you are crunched for time.