October Athlete of the Month: Alyssa Myers


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Sophomore striker Alyssa Myers dribbles out of trouble against the nationally-ranked CV Eagles. Myers had two goals in this historic game, as Carlisle beat CV for the first time in 12 years.

Alyssa Myers is currently a sophomore at CHS, in her first year of varsity for the Herd; she is a striker for the girls soccer team. Myers played a pivotal role in the girls soccer team’s biggest win of the year, scoring both goals in the 2-0 win over the nationally-ranked Cumberland Valley Eagles; this win ended a 12-year losing streak against the Eagles.

Q1: What has been the highlight of your high school career so far?

A1: Definitely playing soccer for a team that loves the game and making varsity.

Q2: What are your feelings towards Cumberland Valley?

A2:: On the field, I want to beat their butts and dislike them, but off of the field I’m friends with some of their players.

Q3: Coming off of the bench for a rivalry game, how did that motivate you when you got into the game?

A3: Well I sat on the bench for most of the first half so I really wanted to go in the game. And while sitting on the bench, I kept thinking bout how great it would feel to score against CV. [C]oming in the game substituting a senior made me want to score even more. I was just really excited to play.

Q4: What do you think makes the girls soccer team so special this year.

A4: Everybody always wants to get out on the field and play. We are willing to be coached, and we all want to win and only win.

Q5: What are your goals for the rest of your high school career?

A5: I want to be a varsity starter for the next two years, and come into next season with a 6:30 mile.