Gift Guide: Teenagers 101


Heidi Heinlein

Teenagers 101: Giving gifts is always a trying task, but giving gifts to teenagers is next to impossible. Social media provides many sources with inspiration to all types of gift givers.

The joy the month of December can hold is truly unmatched. This wonderful time of the year also brings fear of disappointing your loved ones on Christmas day when they do not receive a gift they were most looking forward to. Teenagers are especially hard in comparison to other age groups. The thought does count, but it does not always overwhelm other emotions.

Social media provides many guides to help gift-givers out down to the little things such as stocking stuffers. Articles like the list Today provides as well as the list by Brostrick are what to keep an eye out for. Personal research items are also good tools to use when searching for the best gifts of the year. An Instagram question feature can be used to have open-ended answers to the questions you might need to be answered. Always remember, the goal is to find things the receiver wants but would not buy for themselves. It is hard to go wrong there.

Check out our Do’s and Don’ts for Teenage Gift Buying this year and then tell us what you want for the holidays in the comments!

SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER: Check out these ideas for the teen in your life this Christmas. (Heidi Heinlein)