Teachers vs. Students: What should students prioritize the most?


Kaitlyn Hankard

With many students trying to balance the different aspects in their lives, it can be hard to sort out what their priorities should be.

Students often have trouble figuring out what to prioritize to get the most out of everything going on in their high school years. Teachers and students don’t always agree on what those priorities should be.

CHS teachers Seth Roper (history and anthropology) and Jennifer Barnhart (math) agreed with each other that seniors should focus on “finishing strong.” Senioritis isn’t what seniors need to drop their grades so soon before they start their possible college careers.

Biology teacher Sam Moyer thinks students should be more concerned with “starting to understand what electives they need to take for their future career.”

Moyer believes students should base their courses on what they want to do with the rest of their life to get a good foundation for it.

But what do the students think is most important?

Senior Kaycee Tonger thinks that although seniors should be getting ready for college, they should also be focused on “enjoying their senior year.”

Sophomore Becky Rodden agrees that students should be “doing the things they want to do while they still can.”

Freshman Isaiah Newhouse thinks students of all grades just need to “have fun but also maintain good grades and have a good overall year.”

In the end, it’s the student’s choice over what they put first in their life. Get the most out of your high school years before they’re over. Do the things you want to do in high school, such as homecoming or prom, because these opportunities will not always be there.