Pep Rallies: a disputed idea (Editorial)


Kaitlyn Hankard

How do you feel about pep rallies?

I have two words: pep rallies. Some people cringe at the idea of them, some freak out and get excited. All in all they draw strong feelings, good or bad.

Personally I like them. They have a good vibe and they get you out of class–who wouldn’t like that? Apparently a lot of people disagree, and I was curious as to why they would.

So I asked some friends how they felt. The response was about half and half. I asked what’s so bad about pep rallies and the main reasons were that it’s too crowded, they’re loud/annoying and it’s hot. Well I took what they said into consideration and asked them this: “Well what if they were held outside or in the stadium?” They all quickly agreed that it would be better if the school did that.

So maybe the school should take their own students into consideration when planning pep rallies. If they held it outside like in the stadium or in the greens in front of McGowan, we would be more likely to enjoy it. In a gym the noise is trapped and everyone is bumping into each other and trying to keep track of their stuff.

On the other hand, if the school held it outside, students could hear themselves think and move around. I think it would be more interactive, but of course you do have to take everyone’s position into consideration. By that I mean if we did hold it outside, there would have to be a way to make sure everyone can see what’s going on. There’s probably a way to fix that problem.

Anyway, this proposition is a long shot with all the rules and insurance issues and such things, but I think it would be pretty sweet if the school could hold a bonfire. They’re fun and keep people hyped, and would create a closer bond as one school. That’s what pep rallies are all about, right? Creating an atmosphere for students to feel connected with one another, so we feel unification? And with this feeling of unification we energize the football team and give them a “we’re invincible” vibe.

Maybe in the future the school will take some of the students’ ideas into consideration. After all it is supposed to be about us coming together as a whole. Pep rallies are for everyone and therefore should be the product of everyone.

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