Is Brightly Colored Hair Distracting? (Editorial)


Hannah Westbrook

It is a commonly argued topic on whether or not vibrant hair colors are a distraction in the classroom.

Some schools see brightly dyed hair as distracting, but CHS teachers don’t think so. All asked teachers stated they didn’t think it was a distraction; most even had a positive view on students dying their hair. Then why do other schools throughout the U.S. ban dyed hair?

In Muscle Shoals, Alabama, Hayleigh Black got sent home from school on the first day for having an “unnatural” shade of red hair. She claims it had been that color three years before the school had a problem with it. Another instance was at St. Francois County school, Missouri, where Savannah Keesee had to be pulled out of school for her auburn hair.

Colored hair is something even our teachers don’t have a problem with, and they would be the first to be concerned about their students’ attention span.

When asked if dyed hair was a distraction to her students, English teacher Michelle Disbrow said, “Students should be able to express themselves with tattoos and hair color.” Disbrow doesn’t believe her student’s learning ability was affected by the presence of colored hair.

Kelly Brent, a CHS math teacher, sees hair color like accessories that “show their personality.”

Other teachers, like English teacher Erika Schiffgens, also see brightly colored hair as a positive way for students to express themselves during school.

Students can adapt. If a rainbow t-shirt isn’t distracting, then how is red hair? The color of a fellow student’s hair can’t possibly be the reason students get distracted in the classroom.

While so many other schools have policies against unnatural or dyed hair, CHS students are lucky to have the freedom to choose whatever hair color they want.

Disclaimer: Articles designated as “Editorial” represent the views and opinions of the author, not the 2015-2016 Periscope staff, CHS Administration, or the CHS student body.

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