Chaotic Combination (Editorial)


Kaitlyn Hankard

The option of combined gyms took students by surprise this year, but will the new proposed system go into place?

Recently our school has brought up the possibility of combining two grade levels into the same gym class but is this really a good idea?

Honestly, looking at the possible combination of the separate grade levels in the same class makes little sense. What the teachers told us is that it would be more elective-based, but it’s just gym class; there isn’t a need to do that. A lot of people just want to get the class over with, not worry about what unit to pick.

Should students have combined gym classes?


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Gym class is not meant to be complicated. It’s meant to help us get some exercise in and maybe even boost our energy or wind us down a bit. When I first found out that the teachers were going to try combining the gym classes, I was extremely annoyed. I waited two years to do better things in gym class, and now I had to make room for even more kids, taking away the time I get to do something. More people entails more time wasted making sure everyone is listening and knows what to do. It also means less space.

Not combining the classes would be beneficial for the underclassmen as well. Theoretically, if we had combined gym, the older class would have seniority. As a junior, I am more than likely to pick the better options, as well as the other juniors/seniors, and the underclassmen will be left in the dust. So if the underclassmen are just going to be stuck doing something they don’t want to, they’re going to be even more miserable and feel like it’s a waste of time.

The gym teachers don’t need the added stress of figuring out who is in one group either. The teachers already deal with moody students, potential injuries and having to change the activity based on the weather or how many people have shown up. The teachers also have to choose things that everyone can participate in. Bored kids are unhappy kids.

Gym classes should stay the way they are, including no combined gym or pre-chosen units.  Just a simple, small break from the school week that helps you get some exercise.

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