CHS through the eyes of a military student (Editorial)

Lauren Pantleo

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As a military child, its easy to feel isolated and alone.

Hannah Westbrook

As a military child, it’s easy to feel isolated and alone.

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Did you know that there are over 90 new military students attending CHS this year? That’s right, 90. I am one of those students, and this is my experience at CHS so far. I have enrolled in more than seven schools, Carlisle included. Every school is different, but what makes Carlisle High School special?

This school has a surprisingly uncomplicated enrollment process. Because there are many options to choose from, picking a class of interest is easy. CHS offers about 200 classes, which is a lot more than many other schools I’ve been to. In addition to the numerous amounts of classes, this school is surprisingly well-kept. Typically someone would think that with a school the size of CHS, it would be harder to maintain nice facilities. However, I have yet to see a scuff mark on the gym floors or stained cafeteria floors and tables.

However, CHS isn’t all great for military students. I understand that every school has its own set of rules, but there’s something about this school that makes the rules confusing. This school is trying to stop students from texting at lunch, which is, in my opinion, a minor issue. In fact, texting isn’t even an issue at all. Some things that are restricted are unnecessary.

In addition, CHS is huge. At times it is hard to navigate where you are. I bet I haven’t even been to all parts of the school. I’m used to a small, family-like school. This is one major thing I am having to adapt to.

Lastly, making friends here is a serious challenge. I understand that everyone already has their own groups, and that becoming friends with someone just to watch them leave ten months later is hard, but this is the first time I’ve had difficulty meeting people. Being in the military typically means that you have to just get up and go whenever they tell you to. It’s not any easier to leave your best friends behind than to watch your best friends leave. In my opinion, it’s harder to leave than to be the one staying. I hope that Carlisle will be more open to new students earlier, because believe it or not, it’s hard for us too.

Yet once a friend or two is made from Carlisle, everything’s fine.  My new friends have shown me an enormous amount of hospitality. In addition, the sports teams here are great. CHS has so many options to chose from, so it’s easier to find one to be interested in. Also, the teams seem better than other schools.

Lastly, and most importantly, CHS has a lot of pride. I will see students wear Carlisle shirts or sweatshirts just about every week. To a new student, when others take pride in their school, it’s a good thing. Also, I’ve heard people talking about how great Homecoming Spirit Week is here. I can’t wait to see how everything works out.

CHS, like many other schools, takes a while for new students to get adjusted. However, once we adapt, it’s smooth sailing.

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