Snow days could become a problem for students (Editorial)


Clara Cozort

While we may be enjoying our extra sleep now, thanks to the snow, we won’t be enjoying our lack of a spring break when we make up these snow days.

Throughout the past weeks, CHS students have gotten several delays and days off due to the snow and cold weather. While everyone loves to be able to sleep late, or have a snow day at the time, is it really worth having to make up those days later on? Is the instant gratification of a school day worth having to still make it up at a later date?

The two hour delay days can be nice for students in some ways. They’re given the opportunity to sleep later, and have more time in the morning to get ready. Classes are also shorter. But this can be both a pro and a con, as teachers have to work the students harder to fit in the needed material in the smaller time frame.

Snow days are the same story on a larger scale. Students are given the relaxation time, and the extra time to do homework by having an unplanned day off. But this shifts the entire curriculum for more strictly scheduled classes. Teachers are still rescheduling quizzes and assignments in lieu of the most recent snow day. This can present a struggle for both the teachers and the students.

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While they both set back the schedule, two hour delay days are preferable to total snow days in that aspect. Snow days have to be made up at a later date. Since the district has few spare days tucked away in case of snow, the weather is beginning to leach all of our days off. CHS students had to attend during Martin Luther King Jr. Day to make up for missing school, and will probably lose more planned days off and three day weekends.

Despite how enjoyable they are to have off, the school district needs to cutback on calling snow days. It is not in the best interest of the teachers or the students to have lessons and tests crammed in or rescheduled, or to have to make up days later in the year when it is actually nice outside.