Teens need to work (Editorial)

According to the Huffington Post, 24.4% of American teens seeking jobs are unemployed. With the instability of the economy, it’s hard for younger people to get work. This is distressing, as it is important for teens to have worked before getting into college, or having a full-time job.
Working a part-time job while in school may be hard for many students to juggle. For many, there isn’t time between homework, friends and family, and extracurriculars. But in the long run, it pays off to have worked during high school.
The main motive for high schoolers to get jobs is money. Most will use it for things they don’t exactly need, but just as many are saving up for important things such as cars or college. Learning how to budget and having that responsibility is a needed ability, and it’s nice as well to have a little extra cash.

Should teens be working part-time in high school?


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Working develops many necessary skills for later in life. Having a real job can teach someone to have better work ethic, integrity, and responsibility . This is crucial, as it help teenagers have a better transition into life after high school.
It’s also important for those who are old enough to get jobs to start building a resume as soon as they can. Having credibility and references is essential in further pursuits of other jobs. Getting higher level work is nearly impossible without prior experience.
While it may be difficult to get or handle employment while in high school, it is definitely worth it. Beginning to work while young builds important skills and would help a student out later in life.