What’s up with Black Friday? (Editorial)


Chelsea March

On Black Friday, shoppers wait in line for hours just to save a few dollars.

On the day of Thanksgiving, many families get together and bond with their friends and relatives.  After stuffing their face with that famous dinner plate, apparently this year, they can now leave and shop for Black Friday.

Black Friday is a tradition for many shoppers and is an exciting time for the kids to stay up past their bedtime.  But what are they really excited for?  The prices might be good, but the people you have to encounter to get those deals make the experience overrated.

People steal, people yell, people even get violent for that great deal on the laptop at Staples.  It’s a negative experience, and it’s a really aggressive place in time.

In Walmart, the coworkers have to work together to spread the shopping carts around the store so that people aren’t hurting each other while trying to snag a buggy.  After fighting for those limited sale items, the shopper is confronted with such long lines, full of the most impatient people one will ever meet.  While in line, people actually walk up to other carts and take items from what’s inside of them, in essence stealing from one another.

Will you participate in Black Friday shopping?


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A shopper could be waiting in a 2 hour line in 50 degree weather, and not get what they wanted that whole time.  The thought of people being “nice” will change instantly, just from this one experience.

Why people like Black Friday shopping, I couldn’t tell you.  This experience has its pros and its cons.  But personally, I would wait until a week before Christmas and wait for the deals then, when stores are trying to throw everything out at last minute, instead of watching everybody go crazy, mere hours after being thankful for their fellow mankind.