Is Homecoming worth the heartache? [Editorial]


Clara Cozort

Junior Josh Winton used 2300 sticky notes to ask junior Rene Morrow to Homecoming.

The pressure is on for guys at CHS. With the Homecoming dance coming up fast, there’s only so much time left to ask the perfect person, in the perfect way. Almost anyone who’s been around school the past week has seen large banners, or other extravagant means of proposal. Even though there’s the chance of getting to dance with your choice of a girl, boys are put under a lot of stress when it comes to asking a girl to Homecoming.

What guys seem to be most concerned about is rejection. It’s hard to face the idea that the person you want wouldn’t want you the same way. Being rejected could definitely hurt the heart, and the ego.

“I think I would vomit if I asked a girl, and she said no to me,” says Brian Brown.

As many guys are turning to fancier and more public ways of asking someone to the dance, being turned down could hit even harder.

Another big worry boys seem to face is gathering the courage in the first place. Getting up the nerve to ask someone out to the dance, especially in the face of rejection, or even being outright laughed at must be hard.

“Every time I want to go up to my friend and ask him to homecoming, I get butterflies in my stomach,” admitted CHS student Gannon Donnelly.

The way of asking, in itself, has become a bigger deal than it should be. There’s worry in finding the right way to ask, if a large public invitation, or just pulling them to the side quietly is the right way to go. Some girls even end up expecting a larger or grander proposal. The social stigma around guys asking girls, and not the other way around, puts the majority of the pressure on the guys.

Too much worry and toil is put on guys around the time of big social events like Homecoming. They have to worry about who to ask and how to ask, and how to deal with if they say no. The social norms around guys being the ones to ask ends up causing a lot of stress for everyone. Getting the courage to ask, and dealing with the possibility of rejection can all weigh on someone. But in the end, the stress might be worth it if the answer is yes.