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12 of the Most Anticipated Book Releases of 2024

Ryleigh Underwood
A display of the 12 authors who put their heart and soul to created the most anticipated books of this year, displayed on a book spine.

The new year doesn’t just bring confetti and resolutions, but also a slew of new book releases. Many thrilling series are being finished, and popular authors are releasing new books. These books are in varied stages of completion, with some completed books ready to be published this month, and some that don’t even have a full summary yet. This compilation is taken from fellow book-lovers’ most anticipated reads for the new year and Goodreads’ Can’t Wait Books of 2024 list. With a list that crosses age ranges and genres, these are the 12 most anticipated books of 2024. 


Destroy the Day by Brigid Kemmerer: 

YA fantasy- book three of the Defy the Night trilogy- releases January 23rd

The kingdom of Kandala has been falling down the slippery slope into debt and civil unrest for the last two books in the Defy the Night series as tensions arise between sectors and a deadly disease ravages all. Harriston, Corrick, and Tessa have been working to regain control and make the kingdom a better place, but when an ocean trip goes awry and the castle is besieged, the three are thrown apart.. Corrick, the King’s Justice and brother, has been taken captive by the enemy and must work with a rebel leader to escape. His love, Tessa Cade, is an ocean away fighting to get back to Corrick and a country who needs her medicinal talent. Harriston, the kingdom’s appearingly strict, but soft hearted leader is running for his life, while trying to unite the rebels and take back his kingdom. In a world full of disease, political divide, tension, and families torn apart, Destroy the Day, the final installment of the Defy the Night trilogy, once again portrays Kemmerer’s ability to tie in commentary on real world problems into an immersive fantasy.


Fate Breaker by Victoria Aveyard: 

YA fantasy- book three of the Realm Breaker trilogy- releases February 27th

The long-awaited finale to the Realm Breakers trilogy by Victoria Aveyard is announced to be released on February 27, and fans are on the edge of their seats awaiting the arrival. Fate Breaker is the final installment to the Realm Breaker trilogy, a high fantasy world where the main character, Corayne an-Amarat, discovers she is the last of an ancient lineage; and that she’s the only one who can wield a sword capable of defeating a great evil set on raising an army unlike anything the world has ever seen. With found family, villain romance, and high fantasy world-building to rival The Lord of the Rings, Realm Breaker caught the attention of many. The second book in the trilogy, Blade Breaker, left off on a major cliffhanger, as per Aveyard’s style, and fans are dying to know what happens, making Fate Breaker one of the most anticipated reads of 2024 for high fantasy readers.


The Prisoner’s Throne by Holly Black: 

YA fantasy- book two of the Stolen Heir duology- releases March 5th

The Stolen Heir was an instant hit of the spin off series, The Cruel Prince, that follows Jude’s brother Oak and a changeling queen named Suren. But after Oak makes a fatal mistake at the end of The Stolen Heir, he is imprisoned in the icy north and the one girl he’s truly loved doesn’t trust him anymore. With High King Cardan and his queen Jude hunting for their stolen heir, and war looming on the horizon, this thrilling sequel, The Prisoner’s Throne has fans eagerly waiting for the release. With promises of more scenes with Jude and Cardan, a fan favorite couple, and fantastic quotes true to Holly Black fashion, The Prisoner’s Throne will be a staple in 2024 books.


The Reappearance of Rachel Price by Holly Jackson:

YA mystery standalone- releases April 2nd

Bel’s mother, Rachel Price, has been missing for sixteen years, and no one knows what happened to her. When a documentary team comes to town intent on filming a true crime show following the disappearance of Rachel Price, Bel’s mother suddenly returns with a story to tell. Author of the Good Girl’s Guide to Murder series, Holly Jackson reenters the world of crime with a new story to tell and a main character who must rediscover who her family truly is— all while the cameras are rolling.


The Familiar by Leigh Bardugo:

Adult historical fiction standalone- releases April 9th

Leigh Bardugo skyrocketed to fame after her Grishaverse series, Ninth House, and Hell Bent, and readers are waiting with bated breath for her next release. Bardugo has a wide following of fantasy readers but with The Familiar, she’s taking a new turn, switching from “The Little Palace” to the Spanish Golden Age. The Familiar will be a historical-fantasy starring a servant girl named Luzia Cotanda who harbors a magic for small miracles. Luzia’s magic is discovered and she’s taken to the castle of a recently defeated king to provide a new advantage in the war against England. Luzia’s adventure is set to take off on April 9th and Bardugo fans are excitedly waiting to see where this new story will take them. 


Funny Story by Emily Henry: 

Adult romance standalone- releases April 23rd

Emily Henry is the romance author of this decade, writing best sellers such as Book Lovers, Beach Read, and Happy Place. Now, she is writing a brand new romance that will leave readers blushing. Funny Story follows main character Daphne as she learns that her fiancé is actually in love with his childhood best friend, Petra. Daphne is convinced no one understands her predicament— except Petra’s ex, Miles. Miles and Daphne become roommates, but mostly avoid each other, until they decide to pretend to date in an effort to make their exes jealous. But as always, fake-dating never stays fake and Daphne slowly begins to fall in love with her ex-new girlfriend’s ex: this will be a funny story indeed.


Past, Present, Future by Rachel Lynn Solomon: 

YA romance- book two of the Rowan & Neil series- releases June 4th

Rowan and Neil have been academic rivals for their entire high school career, until they were forced to team up for the last senior game of the year. As they explore Seattle, working together to win one last time, they begin to fall in love in Today, Tonight, Tomorrow. Past, Present, Future, is the sequel to Today, Tonight, Tomorrow the compelling start of a love story between Rowan and Neil. Now the two have started to go to college and they learn to manage long distance relationships and life out in the world. Past, Present, Future explores mental health issues, the challenges of college, and uncertainty in a new life in the highly anticipated romance novel that will have readers on a rollercoaster of emotions. 


The Life Impossible by Matt Haig: 

Adult realistic fiction standalone- releases August 29th

While not much is known about The Life Impossible, that will not stop readers from immediately adding it to their “to–be–read” pile. Matt Haig, author of The Midnight Library, starts a new tale centered around Grace Winters, a widowed, retired math teacher, whose life consists of watching birds and crossword puzzles, alone. When her best friend unexpectedly dies and leaves Grace a house on a Spanish island, she is forced out of her comforting solidarity. Haig explores how a new outlook on life can change everything in The Life Impossible.


Nothing Like the Movies by Lynn Painter: 

YA romance- sequel to Better Than the Movies– releases September 1st

Nothing is known about Nothing Like the Movies, the sequel to the best seller rom-com Better Than the Movies. There is currently no cover, no release date, and no synopsis, but that doesn’t stop the book community from already rating it five stars on Goodreads. With promises of Taylor Swift references, college romances, and dual points of view, Nothing Like the Movies has already gripped peoples hearts.


Somewhere Beyond the Sea by T.J Klune:

YA fantasy- sequel to The House in the Cerulean- releases September 10th

In T.J Klune’s instant hit, The House in the Cerulean Sea, readers were introduced to a dystopian world of magic, where the main character, a case worker named Linus Baker, is sent to a magical island orphanage to determine if it follows government protocol. Throughout the book Linus discovers the faults in his world, secrets about the caretaker, Arthur, and the true hearts of the kids that live there. While The House in the Cerulean Sea had a nice tidy ending, with not many questions left unanswered, Klune takes readers back to Marysas island in the sequel Somewhere Beyond the Sea. It focuses on Arthur as the main character, exploring his secrets and background. This book will tackle modern day issues of identity labels, the adoption process, and governmental control, as the small family— who worked so hard to finally create a safe home— goes through trials that will try to tear them apart.


Wrath of the Triple Goddess by Rick Riordan: 

Middle grade Greek mythology- book six of Percy Jackson and the Olympians – releases September 24th

Rick Riordan has written enough books in the Percy Jackson universe to fill its own bookshelf and readers thought he was done with the ever expanding universe. That is until fall of 2023 when he published Chalice of the Gods. Percy is a senior in high school trying to get into New Rome College, but of course nothing can be easy for him. Now Percy must complete three new quests for recommendation letters or he won’t be accepted to the college of his dreams with the girl of his dreams. Percy completed the first quest in Chalice of the Gods, and he’s on to the next one in Wrath of the Triple Goddess. Hecate, the goddess of magic, has recruited him to watch her deadly pets over a weekend, but during a food related incident sparked by Grover, Percy’s best friends, the animals get free. Now Percy must team up with old friends and new to get Hecate’s pets back to safety before anything can go awry, as they always do. 


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