Masquerade Mystery: Prom is celebrated off campus


Kirsten Bisconer

YOU’RE INVITED: This photo showcases the invitations for the Masquerade Prom.

Jillian Grimes, News Editor

Amidst the stress of the final quarter of the school year, one last dance always finds its way to shine through it all: Prom. 

Contrary to previous years, Prom is going to be held off CHS campus this year. Instead, a surprise to most, it will be held in the Letort View Community Center (313 Lovell Ave, Carlisle), on the Carlisle Barracks, from 7:30pm to 10:30pm for Juniors and Seniors.

A dance theme of masquerade calls for a formal dress code of dresses/gowns and tuxedos/suit and tie; along with masks which can be worn during the event, after entering the venue. The masks may only cover half of the face, masks covering students whole head, ears or face are not permitted for wear. You must have either a school ID or driver’s license along with a ticket for admission.

Tickets were sold in the McGowan cafeteria from April 3 to April 14 for $35 each. A guest pass was required for anyone that does not attend Carlisle, either different school or graduated. Guests must not be lower than a sophomore, 15 years old, and no older than 20 years old. There will be no admission into the venue after 8:30pm.

Juniors were only able to vote for 2023’s Prom Prince and Princess during the week of April 10. They were announced on April 13 as Prince Isaac Beals and Princess Izabella Koontz.

Seniors were able to vote for Prom King and Queen Court during the week of April 10 as well, also announced April 13.

The court is as follows:

King nominations:

Aj Parillo

Bennett Shine

Charles Dib

Daymion Scott

Dorian Stroud

Trey Longabaugh

Princess nomination:

Dinela Dedic

Katelyn Coldren

Kathryn Leshniowsky

Kelina Ellis-King

Krystal Virgil

Vierra Maisonave

Voting for King and Queen will occur the week leading up to Prom, April 24-27. King and Queen will both be announced at Prom itself.