Math Teacher Virginia Jackson Joins the Peace Corps


Mrs. Jackson in her classroom at CHS.

Jessa Warren, Media Editor

Virginia Jackson, a 9th and 10th grade math teacher here at Carlisle High School, is leaving to serve in the Peace Corps in Thailand. 

In her time at Carlisle, Jackson has spent time working at both the middle and high school level, and has primarily focused on working with students who struggle with Math. 

“I’ve been teaching here in the district for about nine years. I was an emotional support teacher in Mr. Knisely’s classroom for awhile. Then I came up to Swartz to teach math,” Jackson said.

She will be leaving Carlisle High School to educate students in Thailand through the Peace Corps. The Peace Corps is a service opportunity for volunteers around the world to work side by side with local leaders in communities in need. The Peace Corps helps by training volunteers to help create sustainable farming practices and providing help with education.  Jackson will be working on the education side of things, helping students to learn how to speak English fluently to help them join the tourism industry. 

“I don’t have an English degree, but that’s what they need me to teach. I would have taught math, but they needed more English, so they could interact with those people who are visiting.” Jackson stated. The Peace Corps will provide Jackson all the training she needs to have before she begins teaching in Thailand. They will train her for a few months, and then she will be put into a class with students. 

When asked about the opportunity, Jackson said, “I want everyone here to know that I am not leaving because I’m burnt out of teaching, I’m leaving because I have an amazing opportunity to travel and see the world in the Peace Corps, and help out with kids in different countries.” 

Her time at CHS has been very memorable, with her strongest memories coming from connections and relationships with students and staff.

Her final advice to the students at Carlisle is to “be kind, no matter who you are, be as kind as possible.” 

Jackson is a prime example of that advice in action, and she will be missed around Carlisle High School.