Red Carpet Ready: 2022’s Homecoming Restores Normality within School Events


D. Smetana

NOW SHOWING: One of the dancefloors showcased a “Now Showing” platform with a spotlight shining on it. Which made the perfect place to take students group dance photos.

CHS’s Homecoming Dance has not been the same for the last two years. With the restrictions of COVID-19 affecting everything, from the amount of students able to attend, to the dance experience not occurring entirely. Everyone was anticipating the year where it would be back and as “normal” as it could be- and this year’s Homecoming was just that, back in its full glory.

The dance was held on Saturday October 22. “We [had] two dance locations, both the gym and the cafeteria,” said David Bigelow, the Senior Class Council Advisor. 

The ‘Hoco’ dance was from 7-10pm accompanying the theme Hollywood, with decorations of red carpets, stars hanging as far as the eye could see and a “Now Showing” stage for picture taking.

2022’s Hoco had no capacity restrictions, all current Carlisle students were welcome to attend; Along with CHS allowing out of district guests, to bring a non-Carlisle student, students had to fill out a guest pass in the McGowan and Swartz main offices to be approved by their grade level’s principal. 

Current Carlisle students were able to purchase Homecoming tickets during all lunches from Tuesday October 11 till the day before the dance Friday October 21, for $15 each.

Amidst all lunches through Hoco week there was a money collection for each class to have the potential opportunity to pie the Principals, $1 for 4 tickets entries. Which occurred at the school wide Pep Rally; With head principal Dr. Patricia Buffington being the most messy by the end of it all.

As posted on the CHS Stuco Instagram the week leading up to Hoco was filled with various spirit days and events at night as well.

Monday: Nursery School vs. Nursing Home followed by a Wingin’ it show

Tuesday: Adam Sandler Day with Dodgeball at night

Wednesday: Soccer Mom & BBQ Dad

Thursday: Time Travel Day pursued by the grade level PowderPuff game

Friday: Class Colors (Freshmen: Brown, Sophomore: Orange, Junior: Green, Senior: White) accompanied by the CHS Pep Rally (Bison Block) and later on the Hoco Football Game (white out)

Saturday: Hollywood Hoco Dance

Students were able to obtain spirit points for their grade by participating in spirit days and posting on Instagram, tagging @carlisle_stuco with the hashtag #chsclassclash along with the hashtag of your grade (#freshman, #junior, ect).

In which Freshman took the lead and won the Class Clash for the first time since 2010.

“I really like the Pep Rallies because the energy [there] is always really good,” said Senior Samya Rupp. “And I [was] on Homecoming court so I [was] excited for the whole experience, especially since it’s my Senior year, so I feel like I’m ending on a good note,” added Rupp.

2022’s Homecoming court consisted of Ashley Richwine, Aubri Doyle, Maria Franjicic, Maria Shay, Sayma Rupp and Sophia McAllen. Homecoming queen was to be voted by Juniors and Seniors at the latest October 20 at 3pm.

At the Hoco football game (Carlisle vs Altoona) the queen was announced to be Samya Rupp, to which she accepted the honor. The winning of this game also secured a spot for CHS at districts.

Homecoming this year was the light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of students giving hope for a “new” more “normal” high school experience for the years to come.