‘Wonder’-ful week: Winter Ball returns to CHS


Kate Muir

TICKET TO WONDERLAND: It’s time for the annual Winter Ball celebration. There are opportunities to even win free Winter Ball tickets, through spirit days and after school activities! And the option to buy will be open till the day before the ball, March 9.

As the winter season comes to a close, we need one last celebration of the season at CHS, the annual Winter Ball.

After previously being postponed, Winter Ball will be held on Thursday, March 10, an in-service day, with the theme of Winter Wonderland “to celebrate as we come out of the darkness,” said the Student Council advertisement fliers. The ball will be taking place in the Barn at Creek’s Bend on the Sports Emporium grounds (29 South Middlesex Road, Carlisle) from 7pm to 10pm. Tickets are available at both cafeterias during lunches until Wednesday March 9, the day before the dance. 

SPIRIT STRIPES: Sophomore Gianna Renninger takes part in Zoo Day on Tues March 8. This year’s Winter Spirit Week was postponed from its original date due to COVID concerns.

Winter Ball also involves voting on a Winter Ball king. This year’s senior nominees are Max Barr, Elijah Carpenter, Cameron Lyons, Max Marra, Nick Stiltner and Dylan Young.  Voting will take place by seniors only through Schoology on Wednesday March 9. 

In the short week leading up to Winter Ball, there will be a spirit week Monday to Wednesday. On Monday, the theme was  “Zoom Call Dress Down,” wearing business up top and comfy on the bottom, a nice shirt worn with sweats or pajama pants. On Tuesday the theme is “A Day At The Zoo”, dress like an animal or bring a stuffed animal along to school with you. 

 On Wednesday, the theme will be “Celebrity Sighting” dress up like any celebrity. Students will be able to win Winter Ball tickets for the best outfits through the week leading up.

“[I’m most excited for] the Wingin’ It! show,” said sophomore Jay Barker.

In addition to the school spirit days there will be events after school, such as Bingo Night, where Winter Ball tickets are prizes as well, on Tuesday March 8 and a Wingin’ It! show on Wednesday March 9. 


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