Fight Hunger, Fill a Bowl: Empty Bowls returns to CHS


Hannah Westbrook

Empty Bowls allows students to channel their inner creativity while serving an awesome cause.

Empty Bowls is an annual nationwide fundraiser to raise money for the hungry in communities. Carlisle High School is holding their Empty Bowls fundraiser on May 6 in the McGowan Café.

Empty Bowls is an event at CHS that occurs once a year and this is the fourth year of the event since it was brought back to CHS.

Art teacher Fran Tolan said, “Melissa Gallagher, the former art department chair, used to do Empty Bowls before its revival and CHS is not the only school that holds the event. Every community runs Empty Bowls a little bit differently.”

He added, “National Art Honor Society students go out to ask different groups and businesses in Carlisle to donate supplies and ice cream. National Art Honor Society also hosts two workshops to make and glaze bowls. We had a lot of volunteers come to help, including students and faculty. We appreciate everyone’s support. ”

At CHS’s Empty Bowls every person gets ceramic bowl made by the volunteers and they can fill it with ice cream.

Empty Bowls is a prevalent event in the Carlisle Community.  Carlisle Arts and Learning Center (CALC) and Dickinson College held an Empty Bowls fundraiser on March 21 at the Dickinson College Hub. According to the article “Annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser” by the Sentinel Staff, “All proceeds from the event benefited Project SHARE and assisted the more than 1,600 families facing hunger in the area.”

Carlisle High School’s Empty Bowls proceeds also go directly to Project SHARE.

Tolan said, “Proceeds go to Project SHARE to benefit the hungry in the community that even includes a number of students at the High School.”

Photography teacher Rachel Drumheller added, “A special thanks goes to the National Art Honor Society who went out to find donations for the event and advertise it.”

She also said, “Usually from Empty Bowls, we raise at least $1,500 for Project Share.”

Tolan added “This year, the art department is hoping to sell 200 bowls.” That would equate to $2,000 in donations for Project SHARE.

Jarret Thomas, who helped make bowls for this year’s Empty Bowl’s said, “The Empty Bowls workshops, to make the bowls, was a good way to get hours for organizations that require community service hours because it was something different to do.”

He added, “People should come participate in the Empty Bowls Fundraiser because it’s just fun and something to do.”

Tickets are ten dollars per bowl. The event will be taking place at the Fowler Café at CHS. Tickets are available at the door on May 6, or at The Bison Corner (school store). Students from National Art Honor Society are also selling tickets as well as Tolan (M42) and Drumheller (M40). At the ice cream social on May 6, there are also going to be art objects for sale to benefit Carlisle High School’s National Art Honor Society.