Record turnout of students leads to impressive History Day results


Clara Cozort

CHS had a record-breaking turnout for the local History Day competition this year.

Periscope staff

Please offer congratulations to the following students on their local History Day results!

Senior Research Paper: 1st place: Gillian Morton, 2nd place: Scott Bowser, 3rd place: Matthew Praestgaard, HM: Benjamin Galbraith

Junior Individual Exhibits: 1st place: IrNick Bowman, 2nd place: Justin Harper

Junior Group Exhibit: 2nd place: Megan Lebo and Caitlin Quattrone, 3rd place: Elizabeth Rickrode and Jordan Ollestad

Senior Individual Exhibit: 1st place: Derek Wise, 2nd place: Daniel Spivak, 3rd place: Grace Lippert, 3rd place: Claire Neiberg, HM: Elizabeth McCreary, HM: William Cantwell, HM: Madeline Sartling

Senior Group Exhibit: 1st place: Ryan Doody, George Gilbert and Sam Chambers, 2nd place: Brooklyn Norrell, Samantha Jumper and Kristian Cooper, 3rd place: Sarah Raphael and Reghan Ruf, 3rd place: Josephine Williford, Colby Mitchell, Abby Robinson, Eric Praestgaard, and Samuel Blumenthal

Junior Individual Media Documentary: HM: Kensington MacMillen

Senior Individual Media Documentary: 1st place: Glenna Sorrell, 3rd place: Isaac Adelberg

Senior Group Media Documentary: 1st place: Johanna Bear and Ben Ulrich, 2nd place: Holland Spears, Julia Pantleo and Lauren Pantleo, 3rd place: Aidan Checkett, Allison Fox, and Jack Hilbert

Junior Individual Website: 1st place: Samantha Martin, 2nd place: Murray, HM: Abigail Garrido

Senior Individual Website: 1st place: Sarah Ebert, 2nd place: Zachary Peery, 3rd place: Madeline Eppley

Senior Group Website: 1st place: John Ewton, Bart Winn and Stephen Hume, 2nd place: Alex Todd and Aidan Sullivan, 3rd place: Michael Anderson, Mary Smith and Kimberly Nickle

Junior Group Performance: HM: Noah Ollestad and Marco Costopoulos

Senior Individual Performance: 1st place: Mayce Van

Senior Group Performance: 1st place: Riley Grace Borden, Emily Lewis, Heather Duncan and Avani Virk