Scream VI: A Frightening Review



Promotional photo from “Scream VI” which was released on March 10th

Myana Brown, Staff Writer

This review contains spoilers.

The horror franchise that took the 90s by storm returned for its 6th film on March 10th, titled Scream VI

During opening weekend, it pulled in $44.5 million in domestic ticket sales, which is the most any movie in the Scream franchise has pulled in, according to USA Today

Following the events of Scream (2022), the four survivors leave for a new start in the Big Apple. This change in scenery allowed for new and creative scenarios to be played out in the movie. With horror film franchises, the tropes and plotline tend to get overplayed, but Scream VI impressively ties in the new and old together. 

Presenting a seamless transition from the original four Scream movies to the requels is a choice I appreciate. The writers don’t just completely restart the franchise, they incorporate old characters and have nods to the previous movies.

A stand out way that they incorporated the previous movies into Scream VI was the Ghostface masks. Obviously every Scream movie has to have Ghostface, but this one had the killers of this movie using the masks of other murderers before them. The use of other masks aren’t just for fun, the killers have a master plan that is revealed at the end of the movie. However, their plan falls through when, like in every other movie, the killers are murdered by the remaining main characters. 

However, Scream VI is missing a staple from the previous films. Neve Campbell did not reprise her role as Sidney Prescott, one of the most iconic horror girls ever. Even though Campbell left, Hayden Panettiere’s character, Kirby Reed, returned to the franchise, after having been in Scream 4. It is essential to provide this sense of nostalgia for viewers who continue to return to the series.

The opening scene is one of the most defining parts of any horror movie, it draws the viewers in and sets you up for the rest of the movie. Just like any other scream movie, Scream VI has a jaw dropping opening scene. Even with Scream (1996) having an iconic opening scene featuring Drew Barrymore, this might be my favorite opening scene yet. In a way, it is similar to Scream 4’s opening scene because just when you think it is over, it isn’t. 

The opening scene, which revealed who Ghostface was, confused me to the point that I thought I was in for a bad movie. But whenever they moved into the second part of it, I realized that they hadn’t completely discarded the typical Scream opening scene.. It’s interesting to imagine what the movie would’ve been like if the two men in the beginning hadn’t been killed by the real Ghostface. The movie wouldn’t have been as entertaining, as they were just there to be gruesome. They had no connection to the Woodsboro citizens, Tara, Sam, Mindy, and Chad. 

The whole movie, I had no idea who the killer was. Out of the three Ghostfaces, Detective Bailey, Quinn Bailey, and Ethan Landry, I had only suspected Ethan, but I thought it would be too obvious to actually be him. All three of them were so whiny and bratty, the way they died was fitting

No movie is perfect, so of course this had its pitfalls. Some of the characters get injured so badly only for them to end up alive at the end of the movie, and it doesn’t make sense. Unfortunately, Melissa Barrera (Sam Carpenter)’s acting fell short.  While she plays the evil and crazy part well, her sadness seems very artificial. 

Although Scream 7 has yet to be announced, I have very high hopes for it. I would like to see darker twists and for it to break the franchise rules. Every movie there are new rules for survival added, for example, any character who says “I’ll be right back” is surely a goner. Similar rules exist regarding characters trusting a love interest and drinking or doing drugs.  While these rules have made many noteworthy films, it’s time for a switch up.