“Father Stu”: A Bite-Size Review

Sadie Daniel

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Official Trailer/Sony Pictures

Do you want a movie that will have you eager to know what happens next? Father Stu will have you doing just that.

Released on April 13 and based on a true story, the film features Mark Wahlberg, the star actor who has been featured in plenty of action and drama movies.

Father Stu is about a man named Stuart Long, who was a boxer that became a priest for a girl that he loved who was religious. Long faced many obstacles on the way to get what he wanted.

This specific movie is different from all of Walberg’s other films because instead of action, guns, and fighting, it represents perseverance. Long faced many obstacles but that didn’t stop him, even from his past. Watching this movie had me inspired; it’s such an inspirational and entertaining movie.