Band brands: how artists chose their name

Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer

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A name for your band can make or break your career. This is the first impression that artists will leave on those listening. Let’s take a look at some of the best.

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"The Who" This English rock band decided their name after their producer suggested “The Hair” for their band name since the members had long hair. The members thought that was too generic. They decided on "The Who" because they would it would be clever if someone says, “This is The Who" and they respond with "Who?” Biggest Hit: Pinball Wizard (1969)


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Admir Durakovic, A&E Writer
Admir Durakovic is a Bosnian-Russian who was born in Charlotte, North Carolina and later moved to Carlisle.  He enjoys pizza rolls at 12 A.M. and hot wings for breakfast. He likes music too much and is saddened you can’t make a career out of it, so his new passion is accounting. Admir will be hosting...
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Band brands: how artists chose their name