Got fries? Local twists on the American classic

Treston Johnson, Releigh Norrell, A&E Writers

As students in a generation which values diversity, we find it important to bring attention to things we find creative and unique. For three weeks, Treston and Releigh embarked on a journey to discover and review the most creative and appetizing fries within the Carlisle, PA area. Six different batches of fries were reviewed in relations to our extensive rubric, and these are the results.

First impression – The fries were served very hot. The cheese and gravy on the fries were bubbling/boiling. A slice of processed cheese was used. (2/5)
Taste – The fries were salty and a little too well done (slightly burnt). The gravy was a good texture and wasn’t too runny; however, it does overpower the cheese. Unfortunately, the fries under the gravy were very soft and soggy. (3/5)
Price – Including tax, the fries were priced at $4.29. It was a large portion; however, it wasn’t a “deal.” (4/5)
Uniqueness – Messy. Poured over gravy on poorly made cheese fries. (5/5)
First bite – The first bite was crunchy, warm, and salty. Ate with forks. (4/5)
Overall (18/25)

First impression – Fries were served in a cone-shaped structure, fancy. Appeared gourmet and fresh. (5/5)
Taste – The taste lingers in your mouth, not in the back of your throat but on your taste buds. Ketchup is very sweet and easy to tell it was house made. A perfect amount of salt. (4/5)
Price – With tax, the fries were $5.30. (5/5)
Uniqueness – Fries are boiled twice in beef tallow; however, they do appear as a normal “country fair” fry. Includes homemade ketchup. (3/5)
First bite – The first bite felt juicy. The ketchup seemed a little runny, however, you could definitely taste the sweetness of a tomato. The golden fry felt hollow and crunchy. (4/5)
Overall (21/25)

First impression – Fries were orange and were served in less than 30 seconds. Came in a paper bag. (1/5)
Taste – The fries were a little spicy because of the Mexican herbs/spices covering them. The spices do get caught in the back of your throat. Does not taste like a fry. (2/5)
Price – Including tax, the fries are $1.06. A great amount for a small price. (5/5)
Uniqueness – The fries are served with nacho cheese and topped with Mexican spices. (3/5)
First bite – The fries are very soft and have no crunch. However, they are surprisingly packed with flavoring. (2/5)
Overall (13/25)

First impression –The fries were served in a to-go box on plaid paper, similar to a carnival purchase. Seasoning was found on every fry. The fries looked as if they were just fried because a little steam could be seen coming off of them. (3/5)
Taste – The fries were a bit dry and a little spicy due to the seasoning. Golden, but some were burnt while others were very soft. Not a lot of salt was used. (2/5)
Price – With tax, the fries were $4.19. (4/5)
Uniqueness – Fries with garlic seasoning. (2/5)
First bite – Fries had a boring taste, and seasoning wasn’t strong. Crispy, but no crunch. (2/5)
Overall (13/25)

First impression – The fries were served in a basket with garlic and parsley sprinkled on top. Looks fresh and recently fried. (2/5)
Taste – Fries are basic with seasoning only on top. Crunchy but there is no salt. Tastes like normal carnival fries with little garlic. Eventually, we got bored and started dipping in chipotle sauce to get flavoring. (1/5)
Price – The fries including tax were $3.17. (4/5)
Uniqueness – Is garlic unique? (1/5)
First bite – The fries were crunchy on edges but very soft in the middle. This may have been because they weren’t fried all the way through. (2/5)
Overall (10/25)

First impression – The fries were served on a plate with a side of horseradish. The fries were topped with pepper jack cheese which was melted throughout the fries. The fries appear golden and not burnt. (4/5)
Taste – The cheese is very stringy but does not have a strong taste. Fries have little crunch and very little or no salt. (3/5)
Price – With tax, the fries were $6.13. (3/5)
Uniqueness – Fries with cheese, however with an additional dollar you can add bacon or chili. With an additional five dollars, you can add crab. (3/5)
First bite – Fries are soft and fresh. A lot of cheese did not stick to fries and had little flavor. (3/5)
Overall (16/25)