A Slice of Carlisle: George’s Pizza and Subs (Review)


Kenzi Miller

The picture is of George’s Pizza place. It’s the oldest pizza shop in Carlisle.

The perfect place to meet up with old friends for lunch, George’s Pizza and Subs is located in downtown Carlisle at 121 West High street.

As soon as we walked in the door we were greeted with a warm welcome.  You can tell by the feels of the restaurant that it is an old family-owned business.  The walls are filled with pictures of the people of Carlisle, which gives the restaurant a friendly and homey feel.

While the restaurant was quiet, it was not awkwardly quiet. The staff was limited but that didn’t stop them from being productive.

Their menu is filled with lots of different options, from pizza to stromboli to hot or cold subs. Georges Pizza and Subs is a family-friendly restaurant with choices on the menu for every member of the family.  It is inexpensive with almost every meal on the menu under $10.

Junior Katelyn Nelson said, “I love their pizza! It’s not like any other pizza around here. I also like that you can see them throwing the dough up; it’s neat.”

After taking about 5 minutes to decide what I wanted to order, I decided to try the hot Philly cheesesteak sub with fries. About 10 minutes later, a cook brought the food out to our table. It was noticeably fresh and looked delicious. After taking a few bites I decided I liked it and I would definitely recommend it to a friend! It tasted like an actual Philly cheese steak sub, which is hard to find outside of Philly.

Georges is a great restaurant to go to.  Head down to downtown and try out an old Carlisle restaurant!