Smith gets emotional, again (Review)


Kenzi Miller

Sam Smith’s “The Thrill of It All” will bring out all of the feelings. His new album was released Nov 3 and has already hit no. 1 on Billboard UK.

Sam Smith’s new album The Thrill of It All lights up the music industry, showcasesing many different types of music.

There is slow melancholy music that is intended to get the listener “in their feels” as they listen, which is similar to the songs “Too Good at Goodbye” and “Scars.” Also there are more upbeat songs, with still a hint of sadness, like “No Peace” and “Midnight Train.”

Overall, like usual, Smith’s music on this album completely kills it and his vocal range is out of this world. He seems to make every note count and it sounds utterly amazing. His music is a little on the depressing side, but that’s nothing new for Smith.

His older album that came out in 2014, In the Lonely Hour, topped charts and sold over 4 million units in the United States alone, which is a big deal for this UK-based singer. So when you top the charts and are that successful, why change anything?

That music and this music sound very similar, which could be getting old by now for the everyday listeners. But for someone who really appreciates music, you can tell the difference in the moral of each song and how great it really is. gave this album a 4.5/5, which is a very high rating for a usually critical website.

All in all, this album is amazing if you are in the mood for it. If you are looking for an upbeat, happy, cheer-me-up album, this is for sure not for you. But if you are looking for an album for those upset times, you just struck gold.