New smoothie shop comes to Carlisle (Review)


Gwen Almeida

There are many smoothie options at The Juice Factory. This shop is new to downtown Carlisle.

The Juice Factory is fairly new to downtown Carlisle, having opened August 1. It is located at 100 West High Street, by the Hamilton Restaurant. This space was previously operated by the Appalachian Whole Food market.

Owner Michael Crawford had a unique inspiration to open The Juice Factory.

“I believe in signs, and I saw a video on Facebook about a couple of men who opened a smoothie store in New York and I thought I should do that, but I was still deciding what to open.”

When Crawford took a trip to Atlanta, he noticed that “at every concourse they had a smoothie/juice place, and they seemed like they created a lot of energy.” Once this grabbed his attention, he decided to open one of his own. 

The Juice Factory has about 15 options, including a “create your own.” All smoothies are 100% real fruit and healthy. 

“The smoothie I had was really refreshing,” said customer Alix Jones. “I’ve been here 3 times since they’ve opened. I would recommend the Juice Factory to anybody.”

The “Berry Blast,” which contains strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and grape juice, was well blended together and delicious.  

The “Caribbean Queen” was also really good. It contains orange, blueberries, banana, and grape juice. If you like banana, you’ll like this smoothie because the banana taste really stands out.

All juices range from five to seven dollars, which is not bad considering the quality of the smoothie.

“Other juice places add sugars or unhealthy sweeteners, but we (The Juice Factory) keep it all natural and healthy,” said CHS sophomore Ganae Nickerson, Crawford’s daughter.

The service from the small, family staff was outstandingly friendly and efficient. Drinks were ready within minutes of ordering. The owner, Crawford, was nice and held a conversation with us and made us feel comfortable.  

For a refreshing, healthy treat, check out The Juice Factory.  The store is open 12-7, Tuesday-Saturday.

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