Looking for a new hangout? Go to Vito’s (Review)


Hannah Westbrook

My personal favorite, the bambino which is your own personal pizza.


Vito’s Italian Eatery is the perfect place to go out and eat with friends and family. Located in downtown Carlisle (49 W. High Street), the Italian restaurant has a large selection of different meals to choose from.

As soon as we walked into the restaurant, we were greeted with a warm welcome. The design of the eatery was very simple with lots of space. It was decent; everything was clean with an aesthetic of red and white colors.

Even the restrooms were clean and surprisingly warm; the only problem was that the girls bathroom door couldn’t lock.

The staff was very small but that didn’t stop them from being productive. They only had one waitress on the clock; she had great customer service and she was willing to help us out with our orders.

We waited at least 30 minutes for our entrees to arrive but during that time we were stuffing our faces with delicious appetizers. The mozzarella sticks were quite exquisite; the cheese would stay in the stick even as you eat it and the breading tasted wonderful.

Everyone on staff enjoyed their meal including myself who had a bambino (a personal pizza).  It was great and cheesy which reminded me of a New York style pizza.

Vito’s is a great restaurant to go to. It’s inexpensive with the majority of the menu under $10 and the service was great. So, head down to downtown Carlisle on 49 West High Street and get yourself a bambino.