Are you an “X-File”-phile? The new reincarnation may challenge that (Review)

It would appear that The X Files is not quite finished as a franchise.  But should it be? Check out our review here.

Courtesy of the Fox website

It would appear that “The X Files” is not quite finished as a franchise. But should it be? Check out our review here.

Do you believe? Fox Mulder sure still wants to.

The premiere of the tenth season of The X-Files, “My Struggle,” aired for the first time Sunday night after the Carolina v. Cardinals football game. Yet “My Struggle” was a poor attempt to fill in the gaps of what had been happening since we last saw Mulder and Scully in the movie, “I Want to Believe” in 2008. All in all, it wasn’t working.

While trying to make up for lost time, the show seemed to lose a bit of its originality. In past airings, The X-Files has been full of mysteries, but lacked the drama evident in some of the more recent crime shows.In the process of trying to show the tension between Mulder and Scully, The X-Files seemed to slip into the same drama-filled pattern as other shows.

But regardless of the turmoil in the duo’s relationship, the real star of the show still shone brightly. The product placement of Scully’s Ford Explorer Platinum could not have been any more obvious. From zooming in to the Ford logo on the front of the car, to showcasing its backup camera, it was impossible to miss that Ford had definitely become a proud sponsor of the X-Files.

Fortunately in places where “My Struggle” was lacking, “Founder’s Mutation” came in stride. Despite the fact that the Ford Explorer was still there, the second episode was much better done than its predecessor. We finally got to once again see Mulder and Scully tackling unexplained phenomena head on. Finally we were given a chance to see more action than just Scully yelling at Mulder on some girl (who we hadn’t even seen in years)’s front porch.

Overall I believe that this second episode has given fans much more hope than we had the previous night, but whether or not the season will be a success is still not clear. Thankfully, the truth is out there.