Can you survive the ‘Dying Light’? (Review)

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Can you survive the ‘Dying Light’? (Review)

Are things scarier in the dark? The new zombie-survival game “Dying Light” sure seems to think so.

Developed by Techland (the creators of the hit game series “Dead Island”), “Dying Light” is a game built to scare you. It wants a person to fear the night and dream of the warm light coming from the sun. The most frightening part about the game is that it actually succeeds in these goals.

Unlike most games with day and night cycles, “Dying Light” truly differentiates between the two times of day. In the daytime, you’re battling against your everyday, run-of-the-mill zombies. At night, the zombies evolve into what can only be described as nightmare fuel. They become faster, stronger, and quite terrifying to look at. They actually scared me, unlike most zombies that are seen in modern entertainment.

To help you fight these terrifying zombies, the player has a large variety of melee weapons. Unlike most zombie games, guns don’t help very much in “Dying Light.” Guns make noise, and noise attracts zombies. If a gun is fired in this game, you’ll probably be dead within seconds. Since melee weapons don’t make noise, they’re your best bet to defend yourself; and boy are they fun. The hand-to-hand combat in “Dying Light” is brutal and and visceral. When you hit a zombie, you can feel the impact and see the destruction on their bodies. It makes combat satisfying even when you’re struggling to survive. The combat isn’t the best part of the game, however; the movement is.

The movement in this game is way faster than nearly any other zombie game due to it’s parkour elements. Instead of locking you to the ground, you can run up walls and on to the rooftops. Your character in the game is basically a ninja with a baseball bat. You move across the game’s city very fast, which helps to make you feel empowered, even when the odds are not in your favor.

Unfortunately, despite the game’s fun combat and movement system, the story is weak. It involves you going to this infected city to find a gang leader, and while it has potential, the plot is never really fleshed out. The characters are pretty weak, and the story doesn’t really present anything interesting enough for you to care about it.

Despite the problems with the story, “Dying Light” is a well-polished and enjoyable experience. If you liked the “Dead Island” games, you’ll feel right at home. If you didn’t, well “Dying Light” may have just enough to pull you in.

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