Sarah Ebert, the vice president of the Spanish Honors Society, performs Enrique Iglesias Bailando in Spanish.

A celebration of world cultures: World language department hosts banquet

Samantha Martin, Editor in Chief March 27, 2017

The McGowan building’s cafeteria was stuffed with families eager to get a taste of several world cultures at CHS’s first annual World Language Banquet, held on Tuesday, February 28. Dozens of students,...

Even knowing a simple phrase, such a greeting, creates a starting place for learning a new language.

Benefits of being bilingual (Editorial)

Kenny Brenizer, Perspectives Editor December 9, 2016

It’s unable to tell exactly how much of the world speaks more than one language, but it’s been estimated that between 50-60% of the world in bilingual. Some countries even have more than one national...

While CHS does offer language options in Spanish, French, German and Chinese (when possible), isnt it time to open up the possibilities even further?

It’s all Greek to Me: Alternative Language Offerings at CHS (Editorial)

Harry Wendelken, Student Life March 18, 2016

As the years go on, and globalism becomes more and more pervasive in our society, the need to learn a foreign language becomes a vital part of a student's educational career. To compete in a higher-level-careers,...

Spirit Week: World Language Cup (video)

Periscope staff October 29, 2013

The foreign language classes battled it out on the soccer field, with the Spanish 2 group taking the victory! Video courtesy of Herd TV.

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