Join the Madness: Carlisle Eateries Face Off in Local Bracket

March 17, 2023

March Madness is all about competition and passionate fans, and only thing people are more passionate about than basketball is food.  To celebrate March Madness, the Periscope staff compiled a list of local restaurants in Carlisle and put them in a bracket.  Students will have the opportunity to vote for their favorites on our official Instagram (@CHSPeriscope).

We selected restaurants that high school students would frequent and omitted national chains and any eateries that focus extensively on alcohol production. Restaurants were seeded based on year of establishment, with the oldest restaurants garnering the highest position. With so many outstanding establishments in Carlisle, it’s anyone’s game.

Voting will commence on Friday, March 17, and will be open for 24 hours. Subsequent rounds will be announced via Instagram.




Jillian Grimes

Another local restaurant, Vinny’s, is known for their pizza and subs.

Vinny’s is a restaurant on 330 S Hanover St in Carlisle. Established in 2003, Vinny’s is described, by Google, as a dine-in or Takeout, “family-owned pizza parlor with homemade pasta dishes & sandwiches in an old-school setup.”

The Hamilton


Brandon Bernhard

The exterior of one of Carlisle’s most iconic restaurants, The Hamilton, is pictured above.

The Hamilton is a long-standing restaurant on W High St. offering a mix of classic Americana and Greek food. After being established in 1938, their signature Hotchee dogs and gravy fries quickly became a staple in Carlisle.

When asked about what makes them special, they said, “The Hamilton is the type of restaurant that is what I feel is known to many as a staple in the community. . . Over all we have had the same cast of characters primarily family operated since then.”

The Hamilton’s famous Hotchee Dog!

Misenos II

Misenos II

Miseno’s II has been a beloved staple in Carlisle’s community, especially with the college students due to its advantageous location near Dickinson.

When asked what the owners believe makes the restaurant special by Periscope Staff-member Alex Landis, they said, “We are special because our staff and customers are too.”

Their signature dish is their Bambino’s pizza.

Taqueria Laurita


Periscope Staff

The Periscope staff generated this image to provide information about Taqueria Laurita.

Taqueria Laurita is a restaurant located on 150 W High St. They serve Mexican food with good service.

Taqueria Laurita did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.



Marcello’s Ristorante & Pizza.

Located on Cavalry Road en route Boiling Springs, Marcello’s Ristorante & Pizza & Catering makes fresh, classic dishes for people to enjoy. Although pizza is certainly their staple food, Marcello’s offers a wide variety of other cuisine, ranging from seafood to chicken dishes to delicious cheesecake desserts. Pick-up is available from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM all week until Friday and Saturday when they stay open until 11:30. Marcello’s is absolutely worth a visit for a great meal!

Marcello’s did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.




Sunrise Café


Kennedy Beates

The Sunrise Café is a fantastic place to grab breakfast!

Sunrise Café is a quaint breakfast restaurant located at 231 N Hanover St.  They have a calm atmosphere with good food.

Sunrise Café did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.



Haylie Potter

George’s is a local restaurant with a lengthy history stretching back decades.

George’s is a local restaurant located at 55 W High Street. With a tradition of sandwich-making prowess dating back to when George himself was making them in 1985, George’s is famous for their subs and pizza.

George’s did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Carlisle Diner


Carlisle Diner

The Carlisle Diner’s logo

One of Carlisle’s oldest dining establishments, The Carlisle Diner, opened in the 1930s and is currently located on 800 W High Street in town.

The Carlisle Diner said, “We are a family owned restaurant serving fresh homemade favorites. We happily serve breakfast all day and have many options for lunch/dinner and everything in between. Whether it’s dine-in, out on our patio, or takeout from our convenient drive thru window, there is something to satisfy every appetite here.”

When describing their signature dish, the restaurant also said, “Jimmy’s Big Mouth Burger is a favorite featuring two fresh ground beef patties, all the fixin’s and thousand island dressing.”

Jimmy’s Big Mouth Burger (Carlisle Diner)

Pizza Grille

The Pizza Grille is a staple of unique, appetizing food in Carlisle. Offering pizza, sandwiches, burgers, pasta and much more, The Pizza Grille is an excellent place for customers to stop by and eat a fulfilling dinner. They also offer catering and a customer rewards system. Open from 11 AM to 9 PM Monday-Saturday and located on Ritner Highway, The Pizza Grille is a fantastic establishment to dine at.

Pizza Grille’s did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.




The Grazery’s logo

Grazery, located on 156 West High Street, is a quaint restaurant aimed at creating a healthy menu with local ingredients. After opening in 2017, the establishments “Mellow Bird Sandwich” quickly became their signature dish.

Mellow Bird Sandwich from the Grazery’s menu.

When asked about what makes Grazery special by Periscope Staffer Alex Landis, they said, “At Grazery we make a lot of the components to our salads and sandwiches from scratch in house with simple ingredients.  We are mindful of using high quality raw materials and several months throughout the year we are able to source some vegetables and eggs from local farms.”

Issei Noodle

Issei Noodle is a Japanese and Vietnamese fusion restaurant established in 2007 by Naomi and Robert Pham. The mom ‘n’ pop shop has become a Carlisle classic, serving a variety of ramen noodles and rice dishes accompanied by Vietnamese staples like pho.

Issei Noodle did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Walnut Bottom Diner


Jessa Warren

The Walnut Bottom Diner is located on Walnut Bottom Road in Carlisle.

Walnut Bottom Diner is a diner located on 936 Walnut Bottom Road. It’s a classic diner, down to the atmosphere and menu items. They serve all the typical diner items, plus a few extras.

The Walnut Bottom Diner did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Yak N Yeti


Ryleigh Underwood

Located at 49 W. High Street, Yak N Yeti is a staple of the Carlisle food scene.

Yak N Yeti is a restaurant located at 49 W High St that features Bhutanese and Nepalese cuisine. They have a menu rich with dishes from an ocean away, and an interior to match. .

Yak N Yeti did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Southside Deli

Southside Deli is located at 2 York Road, and they serve everything you’d expect at a deli.  They serve made in-house, made to order subs and other meat-based dishes.

Southside Deli did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Fay’s Country Kitchen

Fay’s is a classic Carlisle breakfast place located on 203 S Hanover St. They have welcoming staff and comforting dishes, ranging from omelets to cereal. It exudes a 50’s retro vibe and classic diner breakfast food, but it is only open from 6 AM to 2 PM. A fantastic place for a catch-up brunch with friends, Fay’s Country Kitchen brings a sweet blast from the past into downtown Carlisle every morning.


Ollie Daniels

The Vegetable Hunter

The Vegetable Hunter

Originally founded in Harrisburg, PA in 2014, The Vegetable Hunter is a 100% plant-based and environmentally conscious restaurant that now has two additional locations in Hershey and Carlisle.

Their signature dishes include, “the Superfood Bowl! Made with thyme-roasted sweet potatoes, cumin chickpea salad, spicy beet salad, kale and quinoa salad, house-made hummus, and savory tofu” and “a Ranch Chicken Sandwich with Coconut Bacon! Served on a grilled bun with battered tofu chicken, ranch dressing, coconut bacon, lettuce, tomato, and red onion.”

According to Kristin Messner-Baker, the Vegetable Hunter is unique because “we are a 100% plant based business, and we do it for the environment, health, and most of all for the animals. As a business we celebrate diversity and acts of kindness and our mission is to bring delicious vegan food and drinks and all of their benefits to the world.”


Ranch Chicken Sandwich with Coconut Bacon from The Vegetable Hunter.

The Vegetable Hunter’s Superfood Bowl!

King Tut


Maddy West

King Tut, established in 2022, is located on North Hanover Street in Carlisle.

King Tut is a local restaurant, located on North Hanover Street. Their menu varies greatly from simple starters to delicious desserts. A few of the delectable foods they offer are Baba Ghanoush, Pita Bread, Beef Kofta Sandwich, Falafel Plate, Baklava, and many more.

King Tut did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Café Bruges


Café Bruges opened in 2009, serving Belgian favorites such as Frites (Belgian fries). They are open from 3-8:30pm Wednesday-Friday, 12-8:30pm Saturday, 12-6pm Sunday, and are closed Monday-Tuesday. Bruges is dedicated to real food, preparing their dishes from scratch, specializing in old-world specialties such as quiche, mussels, Carbonade Flamande (a beef and beet stew), and waffles.

Grilled Salmon Entrée

North Hanover Grille

The North Hanover Grilles logo is pictured above.

North Hanover Grille

The North Hanover Grille’s logo is pictured above.

North Hanover Grille is a classic Carlisle American restaurant located on 37 N Hanover St. They’re primarily known for their chicken wings and wraps, but they also serve burgers, steak, seafood, pasta, and salad.

Jenna Coller

Momma Spriggs

Momma Spriggs

Momma Spriggs uses fresh ingredients to give their customers a trendy, casual, comforting dining experience. When asked  Alex Landis, Periscope Staff Writer, about their most prominent and popular dishes, they replied that, “We don’t have a signature dish per se, but we have some great appetizers and entrees, such as house made mozzarella planks. We also have the delicious citrus salmon dinner, and on Fridays we do a Friday night fish fry which includes beer-battered haddock, house made Mac n cheese, and stewed tomatoes. Saturdays, we do a slow cooked prime rib.”

Momma Spriggs’ mozerella planks!

The Rustic Tavern


Lyric Koch

The Rustic Tavern, established in 2002, is a restaurant in Carlisle, PA.

The Rustic Tavern is a restaurant in Carlisle, Pennsylvania located at 382 Newville Rd. The menu includes a variety of seafood, steak, and pasta.

The Rustic Tavern did not respond to Periscope’s request for comment on this article.

Helena’s Chocolate Café and Crêperie


“Helena’s” was established in 2011 by Helena Twigg as a french-style bakery. The café serves sweet and savory crêpes among a varety of desserts and specialty drinks, and are best known for their homemade macarons. They are closed on Mondays, but open from 8-6pm Tuesday-Thursday, 8-8pm Friday-Saturday, and 8-2pm on Sunday.

Periscope Editor-in-Chief, Jenna’s favorite crêpe: Raspberry Chocolate on sweet crêpe batter!



Seve’n’Dots is a pizza restaurant at 40 E Louther St.  Their signature dish is their Meatz Pizza, Buffalo Chicken Pizza, Pierogi Pizza and their chili.  When asked for comment, they said “We spend lots of time, energy, and love on making sure we can provide a quality meal to our guests, friends, and family!  We couldn’t do it without their support!”

Upon entering the restaurant, you’re greeted with a massive painting of rock legend, Jimi Hendrix!
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